“Self-pity turns our humble walk with God into a proud walk with ourselves. When we live in a state of self-pity we begin to believe that our problems, difficulties, challenges, and even successes: (1) are worthy to fill our minds (2) will not be handled properly by God. Because of this distorted view of life, when we are struggling in a cycle of self-pity, we have to tell ourselves these two things…[read more]”



“All the weather events that we experience here, even the power of Hurricane Irma, pale in comparison to what it would have been like to be in the presence of the Lord on that day. While it is right to be in awe of God in the midst of a weather event, we should pray about and prepare for the immediate presence of God on a daily basis…[read more]”



My legacy is too, though it is tucked away in the hearts of the people with whom I have interacted. Time can erase facts, but time does not erase the unseen impact we have on others. If we expect to leave a positive legacy in the hearts of those around us, we must remember that our legacy affects them, affects our own souls, and is created by the daily choices that we make…[read more]”