Tracing Him

Tracing Him

The second book in the In Him series will be released on Tuesday, August 21st at Polishing the Pulpit. Tracing Him will be available to order shortly there after.

While the Bible is a vast book with many aspects, it is one unified story that teaches us the meaning of life—starting at the beginning of the world and tracing the actions and heart of God all the way to the end of our world. Tracing Him views the Bible as a map, starting at creation, taking us to the introduction of sin, presenting God’s plan to save humanity from sin, and directing us to the home that God has prepared for us in heaven. Like a map, the Bible provides us with the invaluable, exclusive information that, when followed, takes us to the ultimate destination of heaven.

Unfortunately, many of us use the map only to see where we are going, and forget the importance of using the map to understand where we have come from. Following the map to our destination is important, but by neglecting to look into the past, we miss out on the incredible story of God’s faithful love, which is demonstrated through the magnificent scheme of redemption.

Tracing Him offers young women the opportunity to see the whole trajectory of Scripture, tracing God’s path from the beginning to the end of the world. For personal, group or classroom use, it provides scripture, reflection, practical goals, assignments, and discussion, facilitating a foundational knowledge of God’s scheme of redemption. Wherever the reader finds herself in her Christian walk, Tracing Him will aid her in loving, serving, and worshipping her creator, by helping her to love and appreciate what the Lord has done for His people.

To appreciate our future destination to the fullest, we must begin by tracing God’s hand through the past. There is not a single point in history when God and His plan for our salvation has not been present, and the way we use His map will define us and our lives. “For in Him we live and move and exist” (Acts 17:28).

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