About the Study

About the Book

Tracing Him seeks to help us understand the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, by following the story of redemption as presented in God’s word. Each week will key in on pivotal points in history, focusing on the biblical texts that are most crucial for understanding God’s scheme of redemption. By the end of this study, you hopefully will have a deeper understanding of how the Bible fits together, and a greater understanding of the cross.

Each chapter in this 13-week journey will begin with an overview of a particular point in biblical history. The “Read” section will provide passages for you read and study. Then, in the “React” section, you will have the opportunity to react to what you read in the previous section, helping you learn and synthesize your knowledge. Next, in the “Reflect” section, you will get to reflect on what you learned, understanding how to put your knowledge into action and build your relationship with God. Last, in the “Relate” section, you will be given the opportunity to relate to your Christian sisters. This section will give you additional thoughts and passages to work through together, further developing your knowledge and application.

Though you can do this study solo, it is built to be used in a class setting. Ideally, the goal is to complete a week of the the study your own, and then to discuss and work through additional material with your group. If you are unable to use the study in your congregation’s regular Bible class session, consider building a study group with your friends.

If you let it, understanding the scheme of redemption will transform your life, your goals, and your character. Tracing Him can’t change your life, but I hope it will serve as a starting point for deeper study of the book that can change your life—the Bible. When we realize that the Bible is a record of God’s intricate, detailed and perfect plan to bring us to salvation, it will motivate us to dedicate our whole lives to serving the One who has unfathomably served us.

About the Live, On-line Study

The live portion of Tracing Him begins at the start of this year’s Bible class quarter! Start the the first chapter during the week of September 2nd to benefit from and enjoy the chatroom.

This year, due to the nature of material, the chatroom will be open every other week. This will give the participants more time to complete the material, and more flexibility for choosing discussion topics. The first night of the chatroom will go live on September 10th, at 7:00pm CST.

I will moderate the live chatroom every other Monday night, at 7:00pm CST. Each night will begin with a discussion question. All constructive questions and comments are welcome. The link will be provided on this page when the chatroom goes live. If you cannot join the discussion live, leave any questions or comments in the chatroom, and I will moderate throughout the week.

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