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Not only does God want to be our Father, but as our Father, He longs to help us. We are completely dependent on God (even when we don’t realize it), and He is happy to help us with all things.

This week, let us focus on Romans 8. Romans 8 is full of ways in which God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit help us in our lives. Pick out one or more of the ways in which they help, and provide your insights and parallel passages.

Also, the winners of the first contest have been announced here! Congratulations to Lindsey Cella, Melanie Pinedo, and Kaitlyn Epling!


    1. That is an incredible way of helping, isn’t it? Nothing else that God could help us with would matter if it wasn’t for this. Can you think of some ways in which this helps us? What are some of the benefits of salvation we may not think about as much?

        1. Yes! Both of those are so true. Look at Ephesians 1 and Colossians 1 as you have time. They provide us a great list of the things we have “in Him.” I’m always amazed when I think of all of the things I have in my life that I wouldn’t have without God, and many of them come through His church. How does God bless our lives through the church?

          1. A big one I think about is our christian friends. As I have mentioned before they make my life so much better and easier here on earth.

          2. Yes ma’am! I was wondering about some specific ways in which God blesses us through His church. Friendship is a major blessing, as Rachel brought up. Also, accountability. What else does the church offer us?

          3. My mom says that since we are brothers and sisters in Christ we have family wherever we go as long as we can locate a group of God’s people.

          4. That’s so true! We have belonging and assistance wherever we go. Look at Mark 10:29-30!

  1. Rebekah, what were the two Greek words for number 2 on React? We had haplos and oneidizontos, but we weren’t sure that oneidizontos was right.

    1. Very good! “haplōs” is the word for “bountifully” or “liberally.” “oneidizō” is right, but of course, the word “mē” is added to that to make it “WITHOUT reproach.” Great job, I know that one was a little tougher!

          1. My mom used to look at the literal greek translation of James 1:5 then looked those two words up in Strong’s

        1. mē is the negative particle in Greek, here it means “without.” So God gives to us WITHOUT reproach. Does that make sense?

  2. I liked all of them it’s so hard to choose between them so I am going to pick one from each. For God the Father my favorite might be Fully adopting us as His own Romans 8 :15 and Matthew 5:9b. For Jesus the Son my favorite might be Giving up His life through death. Romans 8:34 and Matthew 27:50. For God the Holy Spirit my favorite might be Setting us free. Romans 8:2 and John 8:32/John 8:36 ( I know these are about truth and the Son but it is about setting us free)

    1. Excellent points. I’m so glad you brought up our adoption. It is an amazing thing that God gave us salvation from our sins, but it is also amazing that He chose to adopt us as His own! God doesn’t just free us from eternal punishment, but He brings us into loving relationship with Him. Because He adopts us, we get to live with Him as a family. I love Jesus’ promise in John 14:18 when He says: “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” Can you think of any more verses about our adoption?

        1. Ya’ll did great! I’m impressed with how well you can find passages. I hadn’t thought of Hebrews 2:10!

  3. God the Father is for us-Romans 8:31, He gave us his Son-Romans 8:32, and God loves us-John 16:27
    God the Son(Jesus) died for us and was raised for us-Romans 8:34, we are bound to the love of Christ-Romans 8:35 and 38-39
    God the Holy Spirit gives us life if we set our minds on him-Romans 8:6-11,and he also gave us the inspired word-Acts1:16
    with the Love of the Lord,
    Isabella Mason

      1. Have you noticed that we sometimes tend to think of God the Father as the one who punishes us, while Jesus is the one who wants to save us from punishment? Romans 8:31 shows otherwise, doesn’t it? God the Father is the One who sent His Son so that we can have salvation <3

    1. Hi Isabella! Thanks for the comment! What are some ways in which we can set our minds on the Spirit? 1 Thess 5:19 tells us that we can “quench” the Spirit, which means that the Holy Spirit will not force what He offers–life–upon us. In todays 21st century context, how can we keep from quenching the Spirit?

      1. I think we can keep from quenching the spirit just simply by reading what He as said so that He can lead us Romans 8;13

        1. Very good! If we don’t want to be “pierced” by the Spirit, we can avoid His sword. Do we know what the sword of the Spirit is?

          1. The bible Ephesians 6:17b ” … and the sword of the spirit,which is the word of God;… “

          2. Yes! If we want to quench the Spirit we can just stay out of God’s word. Of course, we don’t want to refuse the life which the Spirit offers us, so we want to try to always be submerging ourselves in the Bible…or “setting our mind on the Spirit.”

      2. We can set our minds on the Spirit by reading the word through which He speaks to us today in the 21st century, we can pray for guidance in our study, and we can avoid putting worldly things in our minds… worldly posts on social media, gossip on Facebook, friends that are bad examples in person and through social media, bad pictures on snap chat and Instagram, immodesty,foul language,etc…

        1. You bring up a great point! Seeing sin (sin that is portrayed in a positive light) quenches the Spirit. Even if we don’t specifically sin in the moment, it turns our mind from the Spirit and to the world. I’m so glad you brought this up. I think we tend to justify looking at sinful things by saying “well, it’s not actually making me sin,” when sin ALWAYS encourages us to step away from God. Look at James 1:14-15.

  4. Surely God lovingly disciplines His children, and must punish those who refuse the sacrifice of His son, but His DESIRE is that ALL will be saved (1 Tim 2:4). I believe that some paint God the Father as vindictive, when in fact, He has done everything to bring us to salvation.

  5. We had a smaller group tonight, but your comments were just as insightful as always! I enjoy this every week. Thank you for your hearts, and your good work! If you have any more thoughts or questions, feel free to post here or email me at I love you all and am thankful for you! <3 "See" you next week!

    1. Thank you so much as always Rebekah. And as always I am keeping you ladies in my prayers tonight. Goodnight.

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