FAQs about Finding Him

Here are brief answers to questions that have been asked about Finding Him.


  • The illustrations and many of the activities are geared toward middle school and high school girls.
  • The material, however, is relevant for all ages, making it a book that can be used to bridge the generational gap. A friend and I taught this book in the spring, and we enjoyed connecting with the girls over material that we needed as much as they did. I pray that the older women “may encourage the young women…”


  • On-line order from TheColleyHouse.org will start after the book is released on August 22nd.
  • Books will be available at Polishing the Pulpit (after the Digging Deep podcast session), on August 22nd. Church-affiliated bookstores may carry the books after this date.
  • There will be a free, basic PDF available for download during the fall quarter, so that if your book should arrive a few days late in the mail, the study can still be started in time to keep up with the chatroom and contests.


  • TheColleyHouse.org and anywhere Colley books are sold.
  • I am happy to supply books to anyone in my area, to save on shipping, and Deborah Meinsen will have some available for my friends in the Springfield area.

How Much?

  • $9.95, plus shipping.
  • The book will be discounted to $8.00 when you buy 10 books, to benefit those who are using it in the classroom setting.

Ironically, within 10 minutes of launching my book that discusses how we are a “blank screen” without God, my phone suddenly became a blank screen. It won’t be fixed until tomorrow, so please feel free Facebook message me with any questions that you have!

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