Our Submissive Savior

We have now started what is perhaps the climax of our study–God is our Savior. God is Holy, and requires a sacrifice to be made for our sin, and yet He is the One who has offered HIMSELF as that sacrifice.

Jesus demonstrated submission so He could be our sacrifice. Though Jesus is equal with God in His form, He chose submit Himself in His function.

How do we view submission? Do we view it as a beautiful act which mirrors the actions of our Savior? Do we view it as weakness? Do we view it as negative and degrading? How should we accurately view submission, and how can we show submission in our daily lives?

Also, congratulations to Rachel G. Blevins and Ellie Facello for tying for first in the quiz! You ALL did well–it was a close competition. Thanks for your participation <3 


  1. We should view it as a beautiful act of submission that mirrors the actions of our savior;we can show this in our daily lives by doing God’s will.

    1. Very good! Doing God’s will is the first step to submitting–if we don’t submit to God, then submission is pointless. To who else must we submit?

      1. We must submit to the authority
        We must submit to our parents as children
        we must submit to our elders
        Unless of course any of these go against what God has said

  2. The world teaches us “We want to do what we want to do” and “No one can tell us what to do.” “I want to control my own life.”

    1. True! The world tells us that we should do what advances our own desires. How can we combat this way of thinking?

      1. Studying and praying, and being with like-minded women who can keep us on track. Surrounding ourselves with people who are not of the world is so important.

        1. This is a great point. If we spend too much time in the world, the world’s view of submission will creep into our minds. Can you think of any verses that discuss the necessity of guarding our hearts and minds?

          1. Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

          2. 1 John 2:5-17 – (You know this by heart) 😉
            Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

          3. How about Philippians 4:7 This is Ellie by the way it says my moms name instead of mine

          4. I love Philippians 4:7! This one covers a lot of ground, doesn’t it? This question is for anyone of course–but how should we treat sinful thoughts when they come into our minds? Is it a sin to be tempted? When does our temptation become sin?

          5. Our temptation becomes a sin when we say it or do it or have those thoughts all the time ~ Ellie

          6. You’re on the right track Ellie! Look at James 1:13-15. Temptation becomes a sin when we our desires have conceived–our when we allow them to make a home in our heart. Even if we never act on the sin, if we entertain it, and let it be our desire, then it is more than just a temptation. This is why we must keep our hearts so diligently!

          7. Because it is Satans doing and not Gods we should always be on the lookout when Satan try’s to tempt us . We should be able to say no to sin and walk in the light of God . It will be harder when we dont learn to hate sin then to not know what sin can do to you . We should walk in the light. 1 john 1:7

          8. Because its like a wolf in sheep’s clothing on the outside it looks absolutely harmless maybe even appealing but on the inside it can hurt us because sin is what separates us from God

          9. That’s great. Sin certainly has appeal, but when we realize that it will devour and harm us, it loses that appeal!

          10. I’m not sure I completely understand… Temptation is desire, but temptation isn’t sinful… but, if we have a continual temptation in our mind, it’s a sin even if we don’t act on it?… (I’m kinda slow at times, sorry)

          11. You’re not slow, that’s a great question! Please ask if something doesn’t make sense.

            I believe that this is something that each individual can answer in their own hearts. When does a temptation become sin? It’s different for each person. Here are two scenarios:

            (1) I’m extremely angry with someone, so angry that I want to hurt them. I hate sin, and I love God though, so I turn my thoughts away from this temptation. I turn to God in prayer, and ask Him to help me love the person at which I am angry. I do nice things for the person I’m angry with. I spend time in prayer and study, and refuse to give in to anger.

            (2) I’m extremely angry with someone, so angry that I want to hurt them. Every time I see that person, I may smile, but inside I’m fuming. When I walk away from them, I think of the awful things they have done to me, and imagine what it would be like to tell them off. I never show the person I’m angry…I never act on my anger…but inside I keep my anger like a pet, and dwell on it when I get the chance.

            Does this help clarify? In neither of these scenarios do I act on my anger…I never hurt the person. However, the second one becomes sin, because I let my desire to hurt them conceive, even though no one else knows.

          12. One more thing to add–in the first scenario, I could be faced with the temptation to be angry with that person for the rest of my life. Some people hurt us so badly that the temptation to be angry will never go away. We could be continually tempted with that, like you mentioned in your comment. It’s all about how we deal with that temptation, are we letting it conceive and grow?

          13. that makes sense. At least, mostly. Thank you!
            I’m thinking of specific things, but it’s kind of hard to explain… What about like, sins that don’t affect other people? like you’re tempted to do something, but you don’t even though it stays in your mind?

          14. Good question. We must remember that sin is sin, whether it directly hurts someone else or not. Sin ALWAYS hurts someone, even if it only us. Sin is based on the character of God, and if we allow a temptation to go against the character of God live and dwell in us, then it becomes sin.

            Again, only each individual can tell if he/she is letting sin conceive. I may look godly on the outside, but be letting sin fester on the inside. That is why it is so important to RESIST the devil (James 4:7).

          15. Matthew 5:27-30 discusses this. Even though no one was harmed in this sin, it was still a sin because of the state of the person’s heart.

          16. And even if it seems like no one was hurt, sin separates us from God which is an awful thing. An eternally deadly thing.

          17. right… thank you! I’ve always just kind of thought that as long as we aren’t like thinking specifically sinful thoughts, even though we may be dwelling on temptation, it’s only sin if you act on it… I think I get it now, (okay, mostly) thank you!

          18. I’m so glad we talked about it then…I used to think the same way! This is why God emphasizes the keeping of our hearts, and being a Christian from the inside out. Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 7:21, Phil 4:8-9.

            Of course, it’s NOT a sin to be tempted–Jesus was tempted. You don’t need to feel guilty each time a temptation faces you. We do need to be diligent about pushing away the temptation though, I know I can do better with that.

          19. That is definitely sin Alyssa, good point. Remember though, our temptations can become sin, even if we never act on them. Look at James 1:13-15

          20. Matthew 5:28 also teaches that we don’t have to physically act to be in sin. Our thoughts, desires, and attitudes can be sinful.

          21. well it becomes a sin when we long and lust for it so much it consumes us-Romans 1:24; Romans 6:12

        1. Worship changes our minds. It takes us from thoughts of worldly needs and desires, and thoughts of ourself, to thoughts of the One who is higher. Can you think of a verse that discusses the nature of worship?

          1. Well Proverbs 1:7 says we need knowledge which we can gain at worship
            John 4:24 spirit and truth

          2. Great verse! We do gain knowledge in worship. I also thought of Isaiah 55:8-9–when we place our mind on God, it automatically takes it off of ourself.

      2. Well we can handle temptation as Jesus does in Matthew for by reminding ourselves what the scriptures say and tell the world NO!

  3. I love that you used the word “privilege.” It is a privilege that Jesus modeled submission for us, and that we get to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. This is an excellent point. What are some practical ways in which we can apply this?

    1. Well it is not that we are forced to submit but we should want to because Jesus did!
      When we want to sin we have to submit to what God days rather than submitting to our worldly desires
      (not sure if I answered you question 🙂

      1. Very good! God does not make anyone submit here on earth. While we’re on earth, we have to teach our hearts to hate sin and to love God. When we hate sin, it makes it easy for us to turn away from it in submission to God. Look at Proverbs 8:13.

  4. When I think about submission, I think about the necessity to remove the desires of our hearts so that we can fulfill the desires of God’s heart. To submit, we have to destroy the sinful part of ourselves and let God’s character take over. Out with the old–and IN with the new. Sometimes we focus so much on getting rid of the sin, we forget to worry about filling ourselves with the good. Look at Luke 11:24-27, and tell me what this parable teaches in regards to this topic.

    1. Well we don’t need to JUST get rid of the sin(though we need to get rid of it)we must fill ourselves with Gods word in order for us to be prepared to defend ourselves from sin when it comes back bigger and stronger!

      1. Yes ma’am! Bigger and stronger. We have to be full of the good, or we will fill ourselves with the bad. Have you ever tried to have ONE brownie when you were hungry? Chances are, if you eat something sweet when you’re hungry, you’ll overeat…you’ll want more and more. If you eat a brownie when you’re full of a good meal, though, you will be able to stick with just one. Of course, we don’t want to let ANY sin into our lives…but if we’re full of the good things, and we’re offered a “brownie” (sin), we (1) won’t take it (2) take one, then refuse to continue in that sin because we are full of the good character qualities God wants us to have.

        Of course brownies aren’t sin…just using them as an analogy 😉

      1. That is the application, excellent. Evil will make it’s home in an empty house, which is why we must fill the home of our hearts with all of the good of God!

  5. I’m so glad that we talked so much about the state of the heart tonight! The only way to submit is to submit from the inside out. When we align our hearts with the heart of our Savior, the outward actions of submission will follow. I love you girls, thank you for your insights and sincere questions tonight. I’m thankful for your desire for the Lord! Let me know if you need anything <3

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