Tracing Him Contest Winners

The greatest blessing God has given me through the “In Him” series has been the time spent in the chatroom with Christian girls from various parts of the country. These girls always impress me with their intelligence, kindness toward one another, and heart for God. They put time into their studies and come to the chatroom ready to discuss any question that I post, prepared with many insights and words of encouragement.


This year, in conjunction with the chatroom they participated in a creative writing contest, writing on the theme of redemption. Third place in the contest goes to Kaitlyn Epling, who wrote a beautiful, personal story about her conversion. Second place goes to Kayla Word, who wrote an amazing essay about the Biblical meaning of redemption.

This year, first place goes to Isabella Mason, who used her talent for writing poetry to demonstrate her understanding and experience of redemption. Here is what she wrote:


I was lost and alone in a cold, dark place.

I was searching and longing for someone’s sweet embrace.

Hope seemed futile with the world so dim, But a light in the distance I saw, was Him.

The faint light grew blinding, and its warmth filled the air;

And my hopeless, desperate self was given love beyond compare.

I learned it was His blood that had washed my sins away.

Now Jesus will tell the Lord that I am His, on Judgment Day.

For my Lord, I keep my praise most-ever high-

For I know that by Him, I have been…


I’m always thankful for these sweet girls! I hope that Isabella’s poem touches you as it did me. Congratulations, Isabella!


  1. I just want to say that I am soooo thankful for you, Mrs. Rebekah!! You do such an amazing job with this study!! I am so glad that I get to do it with you and a bunch of amazing girls!❤️❤️❤️

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